Janice Wood Wetzel's perspective on photography has been influenced by her profession as a social work educator and dean. She was an NGO Representative at the United Nations from  1988 to 2021
For more than forty years, she has been committed to an international understanding of human rights and respect for the dignity and worth of all people. Those values are inherent in her photographs of the world's people, architecture, and urban and rural scenes.
Her extensive portfolio includes images of New York City where she lived ubtil 2021, as well as distinctive photographs from all over the United States. Dr. Wetzel now resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Janice's work has taken her to virtually every region of the globe where she has had the opportunity to photograph patterns and places that evoke the spirit of each unique culture.
An appreciation of their intrinsic elements of design, and her respect for their artistic contributions to the world is inherent in each picture, resulting in an abundance of creatively memorable photographs.

All images © 2021 Janice Wood Wetzel